Top 10 Best Tennis Racquets Reviews Of 2018

Best Tennis Racquets Reviews Of 2018 | Top 10 Tennis Rackets

In Best Tennis Racquets used Glass fiber rods in the handle of this tennis racquets can decrease vibrations, making each stroke easier on your hand. Aero skin, the company’s new aero dynamic technology, reduces the drag of the racquet by up to 36 percent, too, so each stroke is faster. A Best Tennis racquet should be bought according to your age and the style of playing. Getting the best tennis racquets can improve your skills and make you a genius in the sport. After getting the best tennis racquets designed for you, you will understand that how this game makes you fit and gives you a complete sense of winning.

If you are thinking of buying Tennis Racquet for yourself  then there are Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets bellow :

#1 )  Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value Racquet

Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value Racquet is another racquet accessible in the market. It is extremely unique since it is the lightest racquet in the class of K-component tennis racquets. It is better than average for learners and intermediates. On the off chance that you are a propelled player, then it may not be that appropriate for you as it works superbly for protective players and those players who simply need to tap the moving ball delicately. It is extremely adjusted and can offer you most extreme mobility at the cost extend. It is sufficiently capable for amateurs and is additionally extremely steady.

Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value Racquet is exceptionally light, it offers more control than ordinary K-factor racquets. Also, it offers the perfect balance of power and stability, which allows free movement and powerful defences. It may not be very powerful for the advanced user, but it compensates in the field by its ease-of-use. You can even increase its power significantly by using some lead tape. You can use it in a doubles match, or for volleys. Its defence power can change the flow of the match in tougher matches.

The hanging of the Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value Racquet is pleasantly done. This guarantees little vibration and more power. You would not have to re-string it for very a few years. In any case, it is not made for serves and solid volleys, as they may break the hanging. It is double decreased, which guarantees capable shots each time the ball is hit legitimately.

Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value Racquet

Some features of Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value Racquet are given below.

  • The Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value Racquet is the lightest K-factor racquet available in the market, so it can be easily handled by beginners.
  • The racquet is designed in such a way that it can enable the player to move extremely easily while delivering powerful shots.
  • The racquet is very stable and resists vibrations. So it is really very balanced and this quality makes it perfect for beginners in tennis.
  • The racquet is very easy to control and the player can swing it in any direction quite easily.
  • Head: The size of the head is 118 sq. inches.
  • The weight of the racquet: The racquet is very lightweight at 9.1 oz (258g).
  • String pattern: The strings are arranged in a pattern of 16×19 strings.


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#2 )  Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racquet

The study of tennis is developing step by step. With this, the innovation utilized for the headway of the racquets is likewise developing. The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racquet have built this racquet with the assistance of Roger Federer. This is a total blend of better sweet spot region and bigger size of the head. Its plan is extremely great and appealing, yet it’s somewhat substantial. Because of its weight, it can be somewhat difficult to employ by easygoing players, however with this racquet, players will have the capacity to learn numerous specialized things about streamlined features. In the event that you are a professional in this diversion, then you will observe this racquet to be exceptionally helpful, on the grounds that you should simply to flawlessly swing it when you confront the ball. Everything else will be taken care by the mass of the racquet.

Among the tennis racquets is this Wilson Pro Staff 97 that is in charge of giving all the playability and feel of Federer’s racquet, however in significantly lighter plan. This tennis racquet has greater sweet recognize that can help the tennis players hit with substantially more power and significantly upgrade their amusement.

Despite the fact that it requires a specific push to swing it with full pace, yet it really retains the stun of the approaching ball and return it appropriately with more speed than some time recently. The stiffer casing and huge head measure help in adjusting the edge to make the swing controllable. It’s a racquet for the assault yet with flawless arrangement and system, you can ace your cautious style with it also. It works like ponder for recouping a wide ball or giving back a blasting present with full power. Every one of these components of this Best Wilson Racquet make it more easy to use. It has a decent string design which helps in giving pleasant control over the ball and great adjust amid the turn.

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racquet

Some more features of Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racquetand its dimensions are given below.

  • Head size- 97 sq in, string pattern-16*19, length-27 in, weight – 12.5 oz
  • Perfect weapon for an attacker
  • It’s unstrung
  • Comes with a cover
  • It is made up of braided graphite a great quality of Kevlar.
  • It uses amplifeel technology for better control over the ball.
  • Comes in many sizes
  • Amazing design
  • Better stability
  • Best racquet for doubles due to its ability to dig out the low ball.

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#3 )  Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Unstrung Tennis Racquet

Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Unstrung Tennis Racquet with an in fact propelled edge of AeroPro drive. This is a racquet which is glad to be the decision of Rafael Nadal, however make sure of what you are purchasing. Due to its high notoriety, there are numerous merchants who offer fake racquets. Before purchasing this Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Unstrung Tennis Racquet, make sure about its merchant. Because of its propelled outline, it has the capacity for more prominent topspin than different racquets. It gives you excellent control over the ball and permits you to hit from various points. These elements in Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Unstrung Tennis Racquet return give the player leeway to change the progression of the diversion. It likewise permits the player to include more topspin in a ground stroke. You can see through your execution how Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Unstrung Tennis Racquet will steadily change your ability to strike.

This is suited for youthful tennis players who are simply getting directly into tennis. It is extremely advantageous and simple to use with its expansive sweet pot and also low weight aluminum outline. With this, the youthful tennis players will never get drained effectively or quit playing the diversion since they are not hitting the tennis ball well.

Are you now ready to improve your game? So, that is the best tennis rackets, players can choose from.  Rest assured that there is always one that best suits your needs. These tennis racquets will definitely spice up your game and will make you even more motivated to give your best every time you play tennis. The designed of Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Unstrung Tennis Racquet is a special way to direct the vibrations in the areas where the grip of the player can control it. Best Babolat Racquet also uses the aero modular technology, which is common to find in any of its predecessors, to construct the drive. This advancement along with the varying beams helps the racquet to use aerodynamics and proper swing to increase the speed of the spin.

Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Unstrung Tennis Racquet

Features of Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Unstrung Tennis Racquet offered by this racquet:

  • Rigid and custom made racquet for all kind of power baseliner shots or grinders shot.
  • Provides stability.
  • Unique architecture.
  • Balance -3 pts HL, weight-11.3 oz, length-27 in.
  • Ideal for long swing.
  • Materials used- tungsten and graphite.
  • Head size- 100 sq. Inches.
  • Handle with synthetic grip.
  • Uses woofer system and GT technology.



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#4 )  Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet is a sort of puncher racquet. It is uniquely intended for those players who long for a perfect harmony amongst dispatch and power. With its nearness you will have the capacity to detect the excite in the court with quicker court surface and solid playing abilities. The plan of Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet unleashes the maximum capacity of any player. It’s a blend of unmatched power, specialized headway and strong shading. Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet comes in beat up shading with couple of delicate touches of white to uncover its glistening appearance. Because of the current headway in the investigation of tennis, numerous truths are uncovered which can help the player to ace this amusement.

The recent technology can gather a lot of information to make the game easier for the player. The player can understand it now in a better manner and knows the importance of a newly technically improved racquet in is game. Many players have tested Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet and said that its impact zone is higher than the normal racquet.

Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

Few more special features of Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet are given below:

  • It uses frame string interaction technology for the major impact zone of the racquet.
  • It comes in various grip size like 4 ½, 4 ¼, 4 1/8, 4 3/8, 4 5/8.
  • It has woofer pattern system to tighten the strings in the area of sweet spot to increase consistency.
  • It uses an elliptic shape for the frame to give proper resistance and increase the power.
  • Its new architecture with a cortex system with cortex dampening system which helps in proper conduction of information. This information helps the player to hit the ball with full power and control.
  • It has Evo beam.


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#5 )  Liquid Metal 8 Strung Tennis Racquet (4.25 inches)

Not many racquets make you feel like a master while playing tennis and Liquid Metal 8 Strung Tennis Racquet is one of them. This racquet is to a great degree light, as well as capable. It is outlined such that you can get the most extreme scope while hitting the ball. Additionally, you can gain full power while hitting the ball back. At .60 lbs, this racket truly packs a significant substantial measure of energy and is light weight.

The perfect tennis racquets has a unique sort of stun hosing innovation called the No Shox, which is truly exceptionally powerful as it can retain around 27% of the stun that happens when you are influencing everything. This aides in keeping up your stream and force so you can continue hitting the ball back effortlessly. Additionally, this aides in the change of your tennis playing capacities, particularly in the event that you happen to be a novice.

With tremendous sweet spot, Head Liquidmetal 8 is the perfect mix of both control and power. All perspectives that are included truly make these tennis racquet strong decisions most particularly for middle of the road tennis players. Despite the fact that these endure with regards to its energy for the more grounded tennis players, these are till among the most suited tennis racquets to entire cluster of styles. These racquets have exceedingly concentrated hosing framework in charge of evacuating the vibrations for around 27%. This makes for a more agreeable diversion realizing that these racquets are light.

The Liquid Metal 8 Strung Head Tennis Racquet is accepted by thousands of beginners and professional tennis players as one of the best racquets available in the market. It offers a solid mix of power, balance and control. It is powerful enough for you to hit the ball with strength, stable enough to make the player hit the ball without any major shock, and large enough to allow the player to hit the sweet spot every time.

Liquid Metal 8 Strung Tennis Racquet

Some other features Liquid Metal 8 Strung Tennis Racquet are given below.

  • Sweet spot: The racquet is specially designed in such a way that the sweet spot isn’t limited in just one place. Rather, it is spread over the whole head. This is achieved through a technology called the TSC, or the Total Sweetspot Construction. This ensures that the player can hit the ball with relative ease.
  • Shock dampening: The racquet is equipped with the powerful No Shox vibration dampener. This dampener can reduce the shock received on hitting the ball up to 27%. This ensures that the player can play with complete balance during the whole match.
  • Beam size: The beam size of the racquet is 28mm x 26mm, so you can easily hold the racquet while playing.
  • String pattern area: The string pattern of the racquet is 16 strings x 19 strings.
  • Head: The racquet has a really large head which allows even more accuracy. The area of the head region of the racquet is 112 square inches, which is really large.


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#6 )  Yonex Vcore Duel G 97 Alpha Tennis Racquet, G3-4 3/8 

Yonex Vcore Duel G 97 Alpha Tennis Racquet, G3-4 3/8 (Black/Orange) is  excellent option for beginners, the larger head size means bigger sweet spot and therefore it will be more forgiving on the ground strokes. Spin and power come very easily and it also makes life easier when volleying Increased frame Snap back. Embedded within the inner portion of the frame between the 2 and 10 o’clock positions. Nano metric Dr material dramatically enhances frame Snap back. Quake shut gel. The woofer technology used in Best Yonex Racquets enhances control for the ball and the cortex system will give you the necessary control level and improve the feel for the ball. The Yonex Vcore Duel G 97 Alpha Tennis Racquet provides a great blend of power and comfort for all-court play.

The new Nanometric DR material gives greater adaptability and flexibility to the casing to give a speedier casing snap back for enhanced ball speed, while the Oval Pressed Shaft offers expanded flex and dependability for included turn and control. Not to be beaten in the solace territory, Yonex’s Dual Shut System places stun engrossing material in the throat and side grommets and hold to decrease stun by half over customary edges. Adding to the solace that this arrangement is known for is Quake Shut Gel, which is an extraordinary material intended to sift through undesirable vibrations in the casing before they achieve your hand. Isometric Technology fluctuates the profundities of the notches along the edges and tip of the edge to enhance ball taking and shot reaction, bringing about a 7% bigger sweet spot over conventional round-headed edges.

Yonex Vcore Duel G 97 Alpha Tennis Racquet, G3-4 3/8 Few more special features ofYonex Vcore Duel G 97 Alpha Tennis Racquet, G3-4 3/8 (Black/Orange)  are given below:

  • For all-around players who require both comfort and maximum ball speed
  • Head size: 97 sq. In. Weight: 330Grams/11.6oz length: 27 in. Material: H.M. Graphite, Nano metric Dr, quake shut gel+
  • Width range: 20.0mm/26.0mm/20.0mm balance point: g 310mm recommended String: poly Tour Fire 125, poly Tour Pro125, atg850p stringing pattern: 16/20 stringing advice: 50-65lbs
  • Zone speed 7% more ball speed. Ezone Dr players generate 7% more ball speed compared to competitive racquets. The zone Dr racquet places power firmly in players’ hands, even on off-center shots



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#7 )  Head Ti S6 US Tennis Racquet With Free Tennis Bag

This racquet is a perfect choice for both recreational and club players who would like to get the most out of their game. Easy maneuverability and plenty of power combined with a larger sweet spot will ensure fantastic experience. The Head Ti S6 US Tennis Racquet compatible with Sony Smart Tennis Sensor to let you analyse each stroke and take your game to the next level.

Head Ti-S6 will give the players a lightweight racquet having loads of solidness, quality, and above all feels extraordinary in the player’s hands. This is for the most part a direct result of the mix of graphite and titanium that make up every one of the materials of these racquets. These tennis racquets have 115 square inch head, which offers space to hit the sweet spot. Beside that, these racquets additionally have light emission 28.5 mm alongside 16×19 string shaft. Since the racquets just measure eight ounces, the players will totally cherish how lightweight the racquets are and the 27 ¾ lengths that the racquets have work awesome for changing levels of play.

Ti S6 is a light racquet, profoundly flexibility racquet. It’s 115 head and extraordinary fan string design give a ultra extensive sweet spot so you can without much of a stretch handle topsy turvy hits. It is titanium fortified for extra solidness; this is expected to control the vast sweet spot. In the event that you have a more minimal stroke and are searching for an all court, turn well disposed racquet, consider the Ti S6.

The racquet comes pre-strung with Head Synthetic Gut.  We have played with them and they play well with this string.  There is no discount for unstrung frames. Cover will hold one racquet and is lightly padded with shoulder strap.

Head Ti S6 US Tennis Racquet

Few more special features of Head Ti S6 US Tennis Racquet are given below:

  • World’s best selling racquet ever
  • Very Light, Maneuverable, and Powerful
  • 115 Head, 8.9 ounces strung, 27.75 length
  • Strung with Head Synthetic Gut
  • Cover holds one racquet, with shoulder strap, lightly poadded to protect
  • This racquet is subjected to the competitive players. It is a heavier and comes with addiction 16 kind of mid tension strings.




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#8 )  The WILSON Four BLX Tennis Racquet

The WILSON Four BLX Tennis Racquet is yet another piece that has players swooning over the design and style. If you want to keep it stylish while you play your sport, then this particular racket is definitely made for you. This is among the tennis racquets that is considered as an advanced player’s model. On the other hand, it is very important to take note that this is also extremely effective in the hands of lesser-experienced tennis players. Because of its amazing design, anyone who will use it will surely enhance his or her every game. What makes this tennis racquet unique is that it has the control that is really hard to describe without being exaggerated. This tennis racquet provides boost to every shot and the players will quickly notice the great difference. Its level of maneuverability cannot be overstated if the players will consider its weight.

The most primary benefit of this racket is its capacity of being manoeuvrability and therefore, because of this very feature, this racket is best suited for a person who likes to play in a fast pace. The fact that makes this product so manoeuvrable is the racket’s design and also its weight which is only about 8.9 ounces.

Since WILSON Four BLX Tennis Racquet weighs so less, it is most favoured by all those players who have spin and control of power in their game style. However, one must not undermine this bat due to its weight, since even though its weight is less than other bats, the head of the WILSON Four BLX Tennis Racquet is quite heavy which provides for balance and helps the player in playing power packed ground strokes. Moreover, this is a very comfortable racket to play with and despite playing for a couple of hours at a stretch; the racket will not leave you with any sort of pains at all. So, if you like to keep it light yet deliver a power packed performance, then this is the bat that you must have!

The WILSON Four BLX Tennis Racquet

Few more special features of The WILSON Four BLX Tennis Racquet are given below:

  • Engineered for the player who desires maximum power and supreme comfort
  • Weight is focused in the head to relieve weight in the handle to maximize comfort
  • Double Holes grommet technology with a fan string pattern allow strings to move freely
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
  • Cross Section: 24/24.5/25mm Tapered Beam
  • Swing weight: 290 kg*sq. cm




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#9 )  Yonex VCORE Si 100 Tennis Racquet

Yonex VCORE Si 100 Tennis Racquet with a slightly thicker, more powerful beam and a bundle of spin friendly technologies. Called the VCORE Si 100, this light and user-friendly player’s racquet should work very well for a wide range of intermediate and advanced ball strikers. New to this version is SV Frame technology, which combines a flexible carbon material in the upper hoop with a more aerodynamic beam shape in the lower region of the racquet. Taken together, these features are designed to increase both dwell time and rotational torque.

For this model Yonex introduces a New Aero Fin system, which features air resistant grooves on the inner and outer part of the upper hoop to enable higher stroke speeds. From the baseline the SV 100 feels solid and comfortable. Spin comes easy, which contributes to this racquet’s controllable power. As with so many of the Yonex racquets we’ve hit, this stick feels stable for its weight. At net this racquet’s head light balance and solid feel make for easy volleying. Finally, this stick comes around very fast on service returns to deliver easy targeting. Players looking for speed, spin and precision in a comfortable package should love this light and user-friendly player’s racquet. Yonex VCORE Si 100 Tennis Racquet compatible with the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor.

Yonex VCORE SV 100 Tennis Racquet

Few more special features of Yonex VCORE Si 100 Tennis Racquet are given below:

  • Head Size: 97 sq. in. / 645 sq. cm.
  • Length: 27in / 68,5cm
  • Strung Weight: 10.12oz / 287g
  • Balance: 1 pts Head Light
  • Beam width: 22mm /26 mm / 23mm
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses





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#10 )  Prince Textreme Warrior 100 Limited Edition Tennis Racquet

Prince Textreme Warrior 100 Limited Edition Tennis Racquet is very user friendly and players will find that it’s a speedy racquet that accelerates fairly easily. It is suitable for juniors and intermediate players, but the beginners could also find it very appealing. All these features of this Best Prince Racquet make it more and more user-friendly. The Woofer technology together with the Cortex system minimize vibrations and provide a very smooth and lively feel.

Ruler conveys a smooth beat up corrective variety of the Warrior 100 to commend prostate mindfulness! This racket is an enthusiastic and turn neighborly weapon with an easy-going 690cm² head. The 300 gram weight joins with the fresh and turn benevolent reaction to give this racket an expedient and surgical feel. Additionally amazing is the hotly anticipated return of CTS innovation, which sends variable pillar thickness to include steadiness, power and adaptability to key regions of the casing. Ruler likewise adds Textreme to the pole to lift general security without expanding solidness. At 7 focuses head light, this stick plays with lightning speed from the standard. Our playtesters revealed simple access to profundity with an incredible mix of pop, accuracy and turn on full cuts. At net this racket feels great and strong against pace. The quick feel and set away power makes this a perilous weapon in the hands of forceful copies players. All things considered this adaptable racket ought to speak to an extensive variety of players, from halfway baseliners to insightful copies veterans.

Prince Textreme Warrior 107 Limited Edition Tennis Racquet

Few more special features of Prince Textreme Warrior 100 Limited Edition Tennis Racquet are given below:

  • Length: 27in / 68.58cm
  • Balance: 2 pts Head Heavy
  • A new blue cosmetic in support of Prostate Cancer Awareness
  • This frame offers greater power and a more responsive feel
  • best suited for players with moderate swings who are looking for power with a great responsive feel
  • Prince does not offer a cover with the Textreme Warrior 107




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How to Choose Best Tennis Racquet

The best tennis racquet for you depends on your style of play. Do you prefer more power, more control or more flexibility? I will explain the differences and try to make it easier for you to choose the best tennis rackets for your playing style.

First, decide how you like to end points: from the baseline, at the net or by grinding your opponent down. Second, look at different brands and compare them in relation to your style. If you like to score from the baseline, you might want a heavier racquet. From the net, perhaps a lighter one for quick volleys.

There is more to know before making your selection. The various racquet frames all play rather differently. A common misconception is that racquets with thin frames are “stiffer,” because that’s what the pros use. This is incorrect. The pros’ racquets are more flexible to provide power and control and to better absorb their opponent’s power. Thicker racquets, like the ones older adults tend to use, allow for more power but are more inflexible and thus provide less control.

Another note that I wanted to add is that when buying rackests, it is usually best not to choose racquets with head size that are in the extreme ranges as in the extreme ranges the racquets will be highly biased in one feature, but would be very weak in another feature. Try to pick racquets that are within the commonly used range, which is namely the range of 90-110 square inches. That way, your racquet will be highly focused in one aspect without entirely sacrificing the other. For example, choosing the head size of 110 square inches with allow better hitting accuracy, but it also allows a fair amount of controllability of the racquet.

The keys to remember when looking for the best tennis rackets for you:

  • Do you want power or control?
  • What fits your style best?
  • Compare similar racquets offered by different companies
  • Does it have an appropriate grip size.

best tennis racquet


Wieght For Best Tennis Rackets

Racquet For Kids: Super Light(252.3 grams)
Racquet For Adult Beginners: Light(255 – 272 grams)
Racquet For Intermediate: Medium(272.1 – 294.84 grams)
Racquet For Advanced: Heavy(294– 311 grams) 

The physical property of a best tennis rackets is besides precise important, fetching into thinking that its stable and power  undefined physical property of the racket frame, piece a igniter lawn tennis noise is connected with a high powerful and more than business like handling. The heavier the lawn tennis noise the little it deforms during the change able and transmits little quiver to the arm, devising it more than stable. A airy lawn tennis noise is so more than maneuverable and the action needful for strikes tin beryllium achieved more than quickly. In principle, a airy lawn tennis noise describes a abbreviated swing. Remember though that a airy racket tin beryllium easy accessorized to go heavier, piece the rearward is hardly possible.

Beginner Player : For beginner players we advise to choose a lighter tennis racket (under 280g), for easy balance needed for executing the hit. At the same time, the weak striking force of a beginner player helps in keeping the ball on the tennis court and avoid the balls from landing over the end line of the opposite course.You may ask why would beginners would prefer bigger head size and advance players would prefer more control? Beginners should start off with bigger head size because it will allow them to have a bigger probability in hitting the ball. Although these racquets would have more air friction that hinders maneuverability, the factor that it allows the player to have a higher probability in hitting the ball makes it better for beginners. In the case of advance players, however, it can be already assumed that they are more than capable of hitting the ball with great accuracy. With this in mind, it will be more advantageous for seasoned players to have a racket with less air friction and higher maneuverability than with a racquet that improves on their accuracy.

Advance Players: As such, for advanced players we recommend a heavier tennis racket (more than 300g), which can inflict more power to the hit.Power is proportional to the head size of your tennis rackets. To buy tennis rackets like a pro, one must choose the head size that is right for their style. A large tennis racket head will offer a larger hitting area, which provides the user the ability to hit the tennis ball with lesser accuracy but can still manage to hit the sweet spot on the racket. rackets currently in the market have head sizes as small as 85 square inches to as large as 135 square inches. However, the most commonly used among tennis players falls in the range of 90-110 square inches. The main advantage of having a small head racket is there will be more control from the user where as the big heads offer more power and accuracy forgiveness for the sacrificing on control. Beginners should start using larger heads whereas intermediate players and advance players should consider the use of smaller heads due to bigger control.


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