Wilson Tour Molded 2.0 Racquet Bag (6-Pack), Red

$90.00 $89.00

  • Large main compartment holds up to 6 tennis racquets
  • Large accessory pocket to hold equipment
  • Small accessory pockets available to hold valuables
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps make it easy to carry on and off of the court
  • Dimensions: L30″

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Wilson Tour Molded 2.0 Racquet Bag (6-Pack), Red

The Wilson Tour Molded 2.0 Racquet Bag is an immaculate match to run with Wilson’s tennis racquets. This pack has everything a tennis player could need or need as they go to and from the court. The sack’s effective outline can suit up to 3 revealed racquets, in addition to players will appreciate an expansive extra pocket to store the greater part of your tennis resources! Incredible alternative for the easygoing styled player who is searching for an a littler, moderate, fair sized tennis sack.

Bag Materiel and Bag Design

This Wilson Team Racquet Bag is worked from synthetic Nylon and is accessible in dynamic hues (Gunmetal, dark and Red). The material makes it look wonderful, striking and dependable in the meantime. It is anything but difficult to convey with a lightweight of 5.5 and it quantifies 30*13.5*5. Players adore utilizing this sack on the grounds that the material with which it is made, goes on for a more extended timeframe. Regardless of whether you are a female or male, it will just add fabulousness to your style. Other than being profoundly practical, this piece is in vogue as well.

Comfortable To Carry

With a measurement of 30*13.5*5 (L*H*W) and with a weight of 5.5, this super utilitarian pack is lightweight and you can without much of a stretch convey it with you wherever you need. Disregarding having the capacity to convey everything from your racquets to different frill and assets, you won’t have to place yourself into fatigue to grasp it. This is one most huge reason that most players love this wilson tennis racket sack (3-Pack), Gunmetal/Red. It doesn’t make a difference whether you are an excited player or a tenderfoot you are certainly going to love this pack for its functionalities and the straightforwardness it offers on account of its light weight. It’s solace made this pack shallow than different tennis sacks.


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