Prince Textreme Warrior 100 Limited Edition Tennis Racquet (4-3/8)


  • A new blue cosmetic in support of Prostate Cancer Awareness
  • This frame offers greater power and a more responsive feel
  • best suited for players with moderate swings who are looking for power with a great responsive feel
  • Prince does not offer a cover with the Textreme Warrior 100

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Prince Textreme Warrior 100 Limited Edition Tennis Racquet

Prince Textreme Warrior 100 Limited Edition Tennis Racquet is very user friendly and players will find that it’s a speedy racquet that accelerates fairly easily. It is suitable for juniors and intermediate players, but the beginners could also find it very appealing. All these features of this Best Prince Racquet make it more and more user-friendly. The Woofer technology together with the Cortex system minimize vibrations and provide a very smooth and lively feel.

Ruler conveys a smooth beat up corrective variety of the Warrior 100 to commend prostate mindfulness! This racket is an enthusiastic and turn neighborly weapon with an easy-going 690cm² head. The 300 gram weight joins with the fresh and turn benevolent reaction to give this racket an expedient and surgical feel. Additionally amazing is the hotly anticipated return of CTS innovation, which sends variable pillar thickness to include steadiness, power and adaptability to key regions of the casing. Ruler likewise adds Textreme to the pole to lift general security without expanding solidness. At 7 focuses head light, this stick plays with lightning speed from the standard. Our playtesters revealed simple access to profundity with an incredible mix of pop, accuracy and turn on full cuts. At net this racket feels great and strong against pace. The quick feel and set away power makes this a perilous weapon in the hands of forceful copies players. All things considered this adaptable racket ought to speak to an extensive variety of players, from halfway baseliners to insightful copies veterans.


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