Lobster Sports Elite Freedom Portable Tennis Ball Machine (21x14x 20- Inch)

$900.00 $839.00

  • The full corner-to-corner sweep of the Elite Freedom will challenge a wide range of players from advanced to beginners alike.
  • Oscillation: Random horizontal Speed: 10 to 70 mph Ball capacity: 150 Feed rate: 2-10 seconds Power: battery Court time: 2-4 hours Elevation: manual 0-50 degrees Weight: 35 lbs. Spin: none Warranty: 2 years
  • Includes Basic Battery Charger
  • Optional Accessories Available: 1-Amp Fast Charger 3-Amp Premium Fast Charger Storage Cover External Battery Pack
  • Hazmat and non-returnable

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Lobster Sports Elite Freedom Portable Tennis Ball Machine (21x14x 20- Inch)

If you are looking for a great new portable option, it is likely you are going to love this one. With the ability to hold up to 150 balls, you can have hours of fun and training with ease. The corner to corner sweep means people of all abilities and experiences can enjoy making use of this lovely machine which looks and performs very well.

The battery charger will give you the chance to enjoy up to 4 hours of play any time you want, which means you can spend hours at a time training. This is good news because it means you can make the most of the good weather, the time you have away from work or college, and you can get out there and enjoy yourself on the tennis court.

The extending handle and large wheels make the Elite Freedom machine very easy to maneuver, which means it can be used just about anywhere. This makes it even more of a pleasure to own, and because it is less than $1,000 it is great value for money too.

It is designed with a  pleasant red and while finish make this model pleasing to the eye, and it will certainly stand out from many others.  If you have been used to renting or using one that belongs to your tennis club, you will know how useful they are. You will also have an idea how expensive renting one is. This is why it is great to have your own tennis ball machine that you can use as and when you wish.

The Elite Freedom option will help your develop and enhance your skills with ease, and you will have the freedom you need to use your new machine whenever and wherever you wish to do so.

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