Isam Ultimate Tennis Ball Machine

$1,100.00 $909.00

  • Wireless Remote
  • 2 Batteries for Extended Play
  • Runs off Battery AND Electric
  • Full Sweep and Random Oscillation
  • 300+ Ball Hopper

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Isam Ultimate Tennis Ball Machine

With 2 line oscillation and the ability to let you play up for up to 7 hours, this model is a particularly good one. If you want to be able to practice your overhead shots, then you cannot go wrong with an Isam. You will also have the chance to enjoy and practice ground shots too, which means you have the chance to really improve your techniques and your game.

The adjustable ball speed allows you to take full control and practice at a speed which is comfortable for you, before turning it up just that little bit more. This will help you to gain even more control each time you play a real game of tennis, and that will help you to perform much better each and every time.

Moreover, you are able to vary the height — which will let you work on a wide range of shots, so you can get that little bit better every single time. With the ability to hold up to 300 balls, you will have the chance to get in a great practice session in as often as you please. Depending on your choice of shot, 300 balls can take hours to be delivered, which means you can be on the tennis court all day if you wish.

With a 2 year parts and workmanship warranty, it is no wonder more and more tennis players love to use this highly effective and reliable machine when they have no partner available.


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