Head Ti S6 US Tennis Racquet


  • World’s best selling racquet ever
  • Very Light, Maneuverable, and Powerful
  • 115 Head, 8.9 ounces strung, 27.75 length
  • Strung with Head Synthetic Gut
  • Cover holds one racquet, with shoulder strap, lightly poadded to protect

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Head Ti S6 US Tennis Racquet With Free Tennis Bag

This racquet is a perfect choice for both recreational and club players who would like to get the most out of their game. Easy maneuverability and plenty of power combined with a larger sweet spot will ensure fantastic experience. The Head Ti S6 US Tennis Racquet compatible with Sony Smart Tennis Sensor to let you analyse each stroke and take your game to the next level.

Head Ti-S6 will give the players a lightweight racquet having loads of solidness, quality, and above all feels extraordinary in the player’s hands. This is for the most part a direct result of the mix of graphite and titanium that make up every one of the materials of these racquets. These tennis racquets have 115 square inch head, which offers space to hit the sweet spot. Beside that, these racquets additionally have light emission 28.5 mm alongside 16×19 string shaft. Since the racquets just measure eight ounces, the players will totally cherish how lightweight the racquets are and the 27 ¾ lengths that the racquets have work awesome for changing levels of play.

Ti S6 is a light racquet, profoundly flexibility racquet. It’s 115 head and extraordinary fan string design give a ultra extensive sweet spot so you can without much of a stretch handle topsy turvy hits. It is titanium fortified for extra solidness; this is expected to control the vast sweet spot. In the event that you have a more minimal stroke and are searching for an all court, turn well disposed racquet, consider the Ti S6.

The racquet comes pre-strung with Head Synthetic Gut.  We have played with them and they play well with this string.  There is no discount for unstrung frames. Cover will hold one racquet and is lightly padded with shoulder strap.


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